“Fill a Stable” fundraiser a success

“Fill a Stable” was a fundraiser held at Smythe Street Cathedral over the past two weeks. The goal was to raise $1,200 to buy a series of animals for the Cobocol Area Development Project in Haiti. This goal was met – and surpassed! Approximately $2,000 was raised, including over $300 from the youth. The generosity of the youth was touching and inspiring – in one case money that had been saved in a piggy bank for two years was donated to help children in Haiti.

The “Fill a Stable” provides the community with livestock to help break the cycle of poverty. It includes essential animals such as a milk-producing goat and cow, sheep, chickens, ducks, piglets to breed for protein and income, and a donkey to haul heavy loads. When our team returns to Haiti in late February, we will have the opportunity to see these animals, and see how they are benefiting the community.

In addition, four more children were sponsored during the “Fill a Stable” fundraiser. That brings the total number of children sponsored under FreddyLink to 63.

Thank you to the people of Smythe Street Cathedral for your wonderful generosity!

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