A study in contrasts

Our world is full of contrasts. Take the weather for example. I left home this morning with -15C temperatures, having to shovel some snow that drifted into the driveway overnight with the high winds. This afternoon, I will arrive in Haiti. The weather forecast is calling for +32C. Haiti does not receive any snow. When in Canadian winter, I find it hard to imagine the warm Haitian weather can really be there while I shiver in the cold – how can these contrasting situations co-exist in our world?

But these are not the only contrasts in our world. I find it equally hard to understand how parts of our world can be so affluent, and other parts so poor. That injustice can coexist with freedom and opportunity. That families and communities can be broken and suffering, or harmonious and connected. How can this be? Or more importantly, how can this be changed?

Knowledge and awareness leads to understanding. Understanding and compassion leads to action. What if we all took a step, however small, to overcome poverty, injustice and brokenness in our world?



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