A tale of two scissors

I decided to put my gifts for my sponsored children into backpacks, thinking the backpacks themselves would be nice gifts. I went ahead and packed all my gifts for each child in their backpacks in advance, so everything would be organized for when I got there. At the last minute, I realized I needed to put two backpacks into my carry-on due to the weight limit for my checked bag.

This was OK until I tried to take the carry-on through security – the scissors I had bought for each child were not allowed! Sadly, I had to give up the two pair of scissors, thinking it was too bad these scissors would not make it to the children.

As it turned out, after we were all loaded on the airplane, our flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. They sent us all back to the airport, and gave us our luggage back.

Thanks to two wonderful airport staff, I got the scissors back! These scissors may yet make their way into the hands of some wonderful children. Stay tuned, as the tale of two scissors continues! (We also are staying tuned as our flights are not yet rebooked…)

ScissorsThe “rescued” scissors!

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