An Amazing Achievement

24 communities became self-sufficient in 2020. That is one of achievements of World Vision Canada in 2020. It is easy to just pass right over this, without realizing what an amazing achievement this is.

FreddyLink is partnered with communities, called Area Develop Programs or ADPs, in Haiti through World Vision. We were first partnered with the COBOCOL ADP in the central plateau of Haiti. This ADP includes four villages and the surrounding countryside with a total population of about 20,000 people. This is one of the communities which recently came to be self sufficient. While ADPs differ in countries around the world, this is an indication of the magnitude of this achievement – that 24 communities like COBOCOL became self-sufficient in 2020.

The path to self sufficiency is a long one. It is a journey that takes 15 or more years. It is really a journey of generational change. What we saw in COBOCOL was the transformation of an entire generation of children who were no longer affected by malnutrition, who had remarkably better health and nutrition, who could now go to school to get an education, and could learn skills to engage in new entrepreneurial activities. In fact, I believe what we saw was the next generation of leaders being empowered to lead their communities into the future.

24 communities became self-sufficient in 2020. That is a remarkable achievement, and one that we can all be proud to have been a part of.

Youth in COBOCOL learning wood working skills

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