Get to know your ADPs: La Belle Mere

La Belle Mere is another Area Development Program or ADP in the central plateau region of Haiti. While FreddyLink is not partnered with La Belle Mere because this ADP does not provide translation, the FreddyLink team was able to visit on two occasions.

On our first visit, La Belle Mere had only recently started, and we were able to see an ADP in its early stages. We met with community leaders, and were inspired by their vision for a better future. Despite the many challenges they face on a daily basis, they were filled with hope and committed to the hard work that lay ahead of them.

On our second visit to La Belle Mere, we visited many families that had received a goat. Time after time we heard first hand accounts of how the goat they received was a huge blessing for their family, and in many cases was providing the resources needed for the sponsored children to receive an education and build a more brighter future.

We hope we can one day visit this community again, and see how their hard work has transformed their community.

On our first visit to La Belle Mere, we were surrounded by beautiful and curious school children.

On our second visit to La Belle Mere, we were able to visit families that had received a goat. This young man explained how this goat may help support his future education.

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Security crisis in Haiti

The following is an update from World Vision Haiti:

Haiti has been in a state of civil unrest since July 2018. Protests continue to erupt in cities across the country due to increases in cost of living, government corruption, and high inflation. Protesters are calling for the resignation of the Head of State. Schools, public administration and trade continue to be paralyzed from threats of violence, preventing citizens to move around freely.

The safety and security of children in our sponsor-supported communities are not affected for the moment, as the turmoil is centered in urban centres. However, roadblocks and general instability has caused travel restrictions to and between communities at this time.

As a result of inaccessibility and growing security concerns, sponsor visits to Haiti have been put on hold until further notice. Local staff have also advised that the processing of sponsor correspondence and Special Gifts will be delayed.

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Get to know your ADPs: Caite school in UDICC

Few things are as wonderful as being surrounded by the happy smiling faces of children. That is what we experienced when we visited the Caite school, located in the UDICC Area Development Program, or ADP. This school was built thanks to generous Canadian donors, and now allows many children in the area to obtain the education which is critical to their future success.

We have a special connection to the Caite school. The previous FreddyLink fund-raiser called “Clean Water for Haiti” contributed directly to this school. These donations were used to provide water purification systems, latrines and education to help prevent serious diseases such as cholera. Our FreddyLink team was pleased to see the tangible fruits of these donations.

Our FreddyLink team visits the Caite school in UDICC.

The smiling faces of the children at the Caite school point to a bright future.

Donation to the FreddyLink Clean Water for Haiti fund-raiser helped build this water purification system for the Caite school.



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Get to know your ADPs: UDICC

UDICC is the second area Development Program, or ADP, that FreddyLink partnered with. Like COBOCOL, UDICC is a mostly rural community in the central plateau area of Haiti. The difference is that UDICC also includes the town of Cerca Carvajal. This ADP started a couple of years after COBOCOL, and is of similar size, with a total of about 3,500 children sponsored at its peak. The name UDICC come from Unity, Development, Integrity, Cerca-Carvajal.

I have many wonderful memories of our visits to UDICC. One visit in particular really touched me. We were treated to a series of performances by the youth of the ADP, including dance, music and poetry. We also all received a gift of a painting. It was from meeting them and hearing their stories that I gained an important insight into how World Vision works.

The approximately 15 year cycle of community development really represents a generation. World Vision effectively works with the local community to transform an entire generation of children. They receive an education, proper nutrition and medical care, and develop leadership skills. These are the future community leaders, rising from within the community, that lead their community into a self-reliant and vibrant future.

UDICC will also be graduating soon. It has been a real blessing to partner with this community over the years, and we are confident they will be blessed with a wonderful future.

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