Now you can email your sponsored child

If you are like me, sending a letter to your sponsored child is a challenge. I want to write, but I never seem to find the time.

Now there is an easy solution – send an email!! It is really fast and simple. Just go to the World Vision Canada website ( and go to “Login/Create an Account”. If you have an account, simply login. If not, it only takes a few minutes to create your account. Once you are into your acount, go to “My Sponsored Children”. Then, click on the photo of your sponsored child, and you will see an option to send an email. You can use a standard letter provided, or write your own. You can also upload a photo.

It only takes a few minutes, and your sponsored child will really appreciate hearing from you. Even better, your sponsored child will send a message back to you. What a great way to connect with your sponsored child!

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Stay connected with Haiti

I received a message from World Vision yesterday saying that the COBOCOL Area Development Program will soon become self-sufficient, and that I can send a farewell email to the children I sponsor there.

I will miss Obenky and Luckenson. I have sponsored them for many years, and have looked forward to their photos and annual updates. I am proud of the progress they have made, and I celebrate with them their transition to self sufficiency.

So what is next? If you sponsor a child in COBOCOL. you will soon receive a notice from World Vision celebrating the move of this community to self-sufficiency, and offering you another child to sponsor.

You should be offered a new child to sponsor in Haiti. If you are offered a child to sponsor somewhere else, may I suggest you call World Vision and  ask to sponsor a child in Haiti. By doing so, you will maintain our connection between Fredericton and Haiti.

As much as I will miss Obenky and Luckenson, I look forward to “meeting” my new sponsored children.

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FreddyLink will soon bid farewell to COBOCOL

COBOCOL will soon be ending their 15+ year journey from poverty to self sufficiency. This means that the partnership between FreddyLink and COBOCOL will come to an end in the next few months. This parting fills us with joy, pride, and also a touch of sadness.

We are filled with joy that COBOCOL has made it successfully to the end of this journey. This success is the fruit of much hard work and dedication. We are so thankful that they now have a firm foundation on which to build their future, a future filled with many hopes and dreams.

We are proud to have contributed to their success. FreddyLink partnered with COBOCOL in 2010, midway through their journey. COBOCOL has a special place in our hearts as it was the first Area Development Program or ADP that FreddyLink partnered with, and it has been wonderful to watch this community prosper.

We are also filled with sadness. Many of us have developed strong ties with our sponsored children in COBOCOL, as well as with the members of the community we have connected with over the years during our visits. We have been blessed by our connection with this community, and it will be a great loss for us to lose those connections.

Though we will soon bid farewell to COBOCOL, the members of this community will remain in our hearts, and we hope they will be blessed for many years to come.

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Get to know your ADPs: The need in Morne Pelee

Morne Pelee is a new Area Development Program or ADP, and the needs are great. Here are some of the issues that your child sponsorship can address in this community.

Health Care
Morne Pelee faces many problems because of a lack of safe water, sanitation and almost non-existent health care. The community has only two poorly equipped health centres with part-time nurses and health workers. Families have a limited knowledge of sanitation and hygiene practices such as use of latrines, hand washing and disposal of household waste. As a result of unsafe water, inadequate hygiene and poor health care, children frequently suffer from chronic diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, typhoid and skin diseases.

Health services for mothers and children are precarious, so mothers lack awareness of how to have a healthy pregnancy and properly feed and care for their children. There is a lack of information about responsible behaviour on how to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy is an issue in the community.

Despite laws requiring free and compulsory education for all, more than 80 per cent of schools in Haiti are privately run and the education system is poorly regulated. Most parents cannot afford the school fees.

For children who do attend, the schools in Morne Pelee are small and dilapidated and teachers need more training. Math and reading skills are very low and there is a high dropout rate resulting in juvenile delinquency and early pregnancy.

Economic Development
The economy of Morne Pelee is mainly based on agriculture through the production of sugar cane and food crops including yams, bananas and cassava. Production is low because farmers don’t have tools, seedlings or fertilizers and lack knowledge of how to manage and control water to irrigate their plots.

Families are unable to finance their farm production because they can’t access suitable credit. There are few organizations where farmers can join together to help each other access markets for their produce. A lack of businesses in the community results in high youth unemployment.

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