Get to know your ADPs: The need in Morne Pelee

Morne Pelee is a new Area Development Program or ADP, and the needs are great. Here are some of the issues that your child sponsorship can address in this community.

Health Care
Morne Pelee faces many problems because of a lack of safe water, sanitation and almost non-existent health care. The community has only two poorly equipped health centres with part-time nurses and health workers. Families have a limited knowledge of sanitation and hygiene practices such as use of latrines, hand washing and disposal of household waste. As a result of unsafe water, inadequate hygiene and poor health care, children frequently suffer from chronic diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, typhoid and skin diseases.

Health services for mothers and children are precarious, so mothers lack awareness of how to have a healthy pregnancy and properly feed and care for their children. There is a lack of information about responsible behaviour on how to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy is an issue in the community.

Despite laws requiring free and compulsory education for all, more than 80 per cent of schools in Haiti are privately run and the education system is poorly regulated. Most parents cannot afford the school fees.

For children who do attend, the schools in Morne Pelee are small and dilapidated and teachers need more training. Math and reading skills are very low and there is a high dropout rate resulting in juvenile delinquency and early pregnancy.

Economic Development
The economy of Morne Pelee is mainly based on agriculture through the production of sugar cane and food crops including yams, bananas and cassava. Production is low because farmers don’t have tools, seedlings or fertilizers and lack knowledge of how to manage and control water to irrigate their plots.

Families are unable to finance their farm production because they can’t access suitable credit. There are few organizations where farmers can join together to help each other access markets for their produce. A lack of businesses in the community results in high youth unemployment.

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Get to know your ADPs: Morne Pelee

Morne Pelee is the newest Area Development Program, or ADP, in Haiti. It is located in the north of Haiti near Cap Haitian. The community of Morne Pelee is home to more than 13,000 people, more than 40 per cent of whom are under 18. Like the other ADPs, Morne Pelee is located in an agricultural area.

FreddyLink has recently partnered with Morne Pelee, and all new child sponsorships through FreddyLink and World Vision are located in Morne Pelee. However we have not yet had the opportunity to visit Morne Pelee. We are planning to visit this ADP once security conditions in Haiti improve.

Morne Pelee is located in the north of Haiti.

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Get to know your ADPs: La Belle Mere

La Belle Mere is another Area Development Program or ADP in the central plateau region of Haiti. While FreddyLink is not partnered with La Belle Mere because this ADP does not provide translation, the FreddyLink team was able to visit on two occasions.

On our first visit, La Belle Mere had only recently started, and we were able to see an ADP in its early stages. We met with community leaders, and were inspired by their vision for a better future. Despite the many challenges they face on a daily basis, they were filled with hope and committed to the hard work that lay ahead of them.

On our second visit to La Belle Mere, we visited many families that had received a goat. Time after time we heard first hand accounts of how the goat they received was a huge blessing for their family, and in many cases was providing the resources needed for the sponsored children to receive an education and build a more brighter future.

We hope we can one day visit this community again, and see how their hard work has transformed their community.

On our first visit to La Belle Mere, we were surrounded by beautiful and curious school children.

On our second visit to La Belle Mere, we were able to visit families that had received a goat. This young man explained how this goat may help support his future education.

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Security crisis in Haiti

The following is an update from World Vision Haiti:

Haiti has been in a state of civil unrest since July 2018. Protests continue to erupt in cities across the country due to increases in cost of living, government corruption, and high inflation. Protesters are calling for the resignation of the Head of State. Schools, public administration and trade continue to be paralyzed from threats of violence, preventing citizens to move around freely.

The safety and security of children in our sponsor-supported communities are not affected for the moment, as the turmoil is centered in urban centres. However, roadblocks and general instability has caused travel restrictions to and between communities at this time.

As a result of inaccessibility and growing security concerns, sponsor visits to Haiti have been put on hold until further notice. Local staff have also advised that the processing of sponsor correspondence and Special Gifts will be delayed.

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