30 Hours for Water

NEXTGEN Ministry at Smythe Street Church will hosting an event called “30 Hours for Water” on November 15-16. Middle school and high school students will participate in a number of activities to increase awareness of issues related to water and hunger in developing countries.

All funds raised through this event will go towards the FreddyLink “Water is Life” fundraiser. The funds will be used to help provide safe and accessible water, construct water stations & latrines and rehabilitate wells to create real and lasting change for Haitian families in the World Vision Morne Pelee Area Development Program.

You can support these students in their fundraising efforts by making an on-line donation here.

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A wonderful evening with the Rend Collective

It was an exciting night. It was also a transformative one. An appeal was made to sponsor children in India through World Vision in order to the respond to the many serious social issues in that country including child marriage, child labour and child trafficking. The people of Fredericton responded, and 10 children were sponsored! These generous sponsors will have a lasting impact on the lives of these children in India.

Thanks to the enthusiastic team that helped make this event a success.


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Celebrating a different kind of graduation

I received notice yesterday about the two children I sponsor in the COBOCOL Area Development Program or ADP in Haiti. I have been sponsoring Obenky for 10 years now, and I have been sponsoring Lukenson for 7 years. What an honour it has been to be a part of their lives, and what a pleasure to make a difference in the lives of these now young men and their families. It has been a special privilege for me, as I had the opportunity to meet both Obenky and Lukenson in person, as well as the chance to meet their family members. It is wonderful to see how they have grown and matured over the years.

The notice I received was to tell me that I will no longer be sponsoring Obenky and Lukenson. Their community has reached the end of their journey towards self sufficiency, and is “graduating”. I will miss being a part of their lives, but I take comfort in knowing that they and their community have made a great start towards a better future.

But there was more! The notice also showed me two new children I could sponsor in the new ADP called Morne Pelee in the north of Haiti. I look forward to welcoming Aleandro and Joventz into my life. These two boys are young, both born in 2017. I can look forward to sponsoring them for many years to come. I hope that one day I can meet them in person as well.

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Rend Collective comes to Fredericton

Join us for a wonderful evening of music from an exceptional musical group at the Fredericton Playhouse starting at 7 PM on Thursday September 19.

Amidst so much heaviness consuming events of today’s world, Rend Collective is sharing good news as a response to that brokenness. The Ireland-hailing Rend Collective is harkening back to their roots-y, unique sound – originally birthed out of Bangor, Ireland – for their sixth studio album, Good News, releasing January 19.

Taking on the moniker “Purveyors of Good News,” Rend Collective is barreling down the road of authenticity, and simple old-fashioned Gospel. Grown away from industry or formula, each song from Good News is deeply connected to the band’s roots in missional community – a group of people, or extended family, who are united through Christian community around a common service and witness to a particular neighborhood or network of relationships – much like the band themselves.

We hope to see you there!

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