Get to know your ADPs: Caite school in UDICC

Few things are as wonderful as being surrounded by the happy smiling faces of children. That is what we experienced when we visited the Caite school, located in the UDICC Area Development Program, or ADP. This school was built thanks to generous Canadian donors, and now allows many children in the area to obtain the education which is critical to their future success.

We have a special connection to the Caite school. The previous FreddyLink fund-raiser called “Clean Water for Haiti” contributed directly to this school. These donations were used to provide water purification systems, latrines and education to help prevent serious diseases such as cholera. Our FreddyLink team was pleased to see the tangible fruits of these donations.

Our FreddyLink team visits the Caite school in UDICC.

The smiling faces of the children at the Caite school point to a bright future.

Donation to the FreddyLink Clean Water for Haiti fund-raiser helped build this water purification system for the Caite school.



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