Close to $10,000 raised for Water is Life fundraiser

As part of their Make a Difference This Christmas initiative, the congregation of Smythe Street Church raised nearly $10,000 for the FreddyLink Water is Life fundraiser. These funds will be used in the Morne Pelee Area Development Program to to help provide safe and accessible water, construct water stations & latrines and rehabilitate wells to create real and lasting change for Haitian families.

Our fundraiser will contributes to the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program, a key priority of World Vision Haiti in addressing poverty. Access to clean, safe water, and proper sanitation and hygiene, and key pillars supporting any community. Our contributions will build upon recent progress under the WASH program in Morne Pelee, including the examples below.

I am thankful to have a well with a hand pump in my neighborhood. We used to walk nearly 45 minutes to get water, but now it is available close to home”, says Aliette, 11 years old (blue shirt with anchor)

I am happy to have the chance to wash my hands at school. I will continue this practice to protect myself from germs and encourage my friends to do the same”, says Chalantia, 7 years old (washing her hands).

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