Creating something to look back on

My wife and I had often asked ourselves this question: “At the end, when we reflect back upon our lives, what do we want to be able to count as our achievements in life?” I have many answers for this question as a husband and as a father. There are several other things that stand out in my home life and my work life. But today, well, today was very special.

image1 (Small)_cropFreddyLink project coordinator Bernie Zebarth with sponsored children

Today I got to spend time with four beautiful children in Haiti. It is a pleasure, in fact a privilege, for my wife and I to sponsor these wonderful children. To be able to meet them in person, to spend time with them, to watch them as they play and sing and do crafts, these were enormous blessings. I was so touched by their presence. After meeting them in person, finding out more about their families and their lives, they are transformed from images on sponsorship packages to real, live, wonderful beings. Someday I will look back on today, and count my support for these children as major milestones in my life. What better legacy in life than to know I have transformed the lives of these children and their families? I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child as well, you will never regret it!!

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