Day 6 – Sunday in Haiti

We started by attending Sunday morning service in the Cobocol area development project. It was wonderful. There was a choir, a youth choir, a men’s group, a woman’s group, and the younger children all singing during the service. These people know how to sing – no microphones needed, and full of joy and spirit. Even the young children sang well and with passion. One team member got to hold an infant for a while during the service, which really made her day. They really welcomed us, and even asked Mark Miller of World Vision Canada to deliver the message. It was such a joy to be able to share a worship experience with these wonderful people.

The youth choir sings with joy

We had arranged to visit an orphanage in the afternoon. I confess I was not sure what to expect in visiting an orphanage, and was preparing myself for a difficult experience. We found out that this orphanage is supported by a Roman Catholic parish. It has been in operation for 28 years, and has over 200 children ranging in age from pre-school to late teens. The orphanage was originally for girls only, and most of the girls in the orphanage are from Port-au-Prince. Most girls were living on the streets, many as a result of the earthquake. Recently, the orphanage has taken in some boys from the Hinche area as well.

We met the Sister who has been in charge of the orphanage for the past 8 years, and also had a chance to meet the children. In our few minutes we spent with them, we could sense the strength and compassion of this wonderful woman for the children. The children were happy, healthy and delightful. From how the children interacted with the Sister, one could immediately sense the strong bond of love between them all.

Some of the wonderful children at the orphanage

Having at first been apprehensive about visiting the orphanage, I left inspired. What a wonderful person this Sister is who has devoted her life to serving God by caring for these wonderful and precious children. I am so glad we were able to visit this orphanage.


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