FreddyLink will soon bid farewell to COBOCOL

COBOCOL will soon be ending their 15+ year journey from poverty to self sufficiency. This means that the partnership between FreddyLink and COBOCOL will come to an end in the next few months. This parting fills us with joy, pride, and also a touch of sadness.

We are filled with joy that COBOCOL has made it successfully to the end of this journey. This success is the fruit of much hard work and dedication. We are so thankful that they now have a firm foundation on which to build their future, a future filled with many hopes and dreams.

We are proud to have contributed to their success. FreddyLink partnered with COBOCOL in 2010, midway through their journey. COBOCOL has a special place in our hearts as it was the first Area Development Program or ADP that FreddyLink partnered with, and it has been wonderful to watch this community prosper.

We are also filled with sadness. Many of us have developed strong ties with our sponsored children in COBOCOL, as well as with the members of the community we have connected with over the years during our visits. We have been blessed by our connection with this community, and it will be a great loss for us to lose those connections.

Though we will soon bid farewell to COBOCOL, the members of this community will remain in our hearts, and we hope they will be blessed for many years to come.

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