FreddyLink at the FREX

How do they grow such big pumpkins? Really, they are gigantic! I had time to ponder this yesterday afternoon while at the FreddyLink booth on the opening day of the FREX. Once the rain hit, it was very quiet. Directly across from our booth are the pumpkins. The winner weighed in at over 750 pounds – enormous! As I looked at those pumpkins, I thought it is amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it.


The winning pumpkins

It may surprise you, put world poverty is kind of the same. We see it as something overwhelming, something that cannot be solved. Yet, the evidence is there, people have done the math. If we our our minds to it, it is within our reach to eliminate poverty within our lifetimes.  Of course, the question is how. How does one make a meaningful change? Well, I do not have the whole answer, but I certainly have part of the answer. Come visit our FreddyLink booth and find out how you can help solve poverty and social injustice, one child at a time.

The FreddyLink booth at the FREX

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