Free FreddyLink BBQ on September 26

Be sure to mark Sunday, September 26 on your calendar. This is when we will have the free FreddyLink BBQ at Odell Lodge, from 2 to 4 PM. We will have music from Saa Andrew, a special guest, activities for the kids, and of course, good food.

Our special guest is Paul-Émile César from World Vision Haiti. He will give us a first-hand account of the effects of the earthquake, and update us on the current situation. Paul-Émile was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He and his wife Lyse are the happy parents of two daughters (5-year and 6-month). He holds a BA in Business and Accounting and a CPA. He is also a freelance translator and interpreter and is the associate pastor of a church in Port-au-Prince. He is currently the Christian Commitments Manager in World Vision Haiti and has served in this organisation for about 6 years.

Come join us! Bring a friend! Let’s take this opportunity to share our sponsorship stories. Let’s celebrate how we in the community of Fredericton are helping empower people in the Cobocol Area Development Project in Haiti through community development programs.

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