Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

When we first started FreddyLink in 2010, our goal was to have 50 children sponsored. Once we reached that goal, our next goal was to have 100 children sponsored. Now, I am pleased to report we have reached 250 children sponsored, all in less than three years. That is great news indeed!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, people of Fredericton, for your generosity in sponsoring these 250 children. These children, their families, and the community of the Cobocol Area Development Project are so thankful for your support. I know, because I have met them, and I have seen how thankful they are. Thankful that we Canadians, who they have never met, would give so generously. Your support gives them hope, and gives them an opportunity to make the lives of their children so much better than their own. Is that not the dream of every parent? And so, on behalf of these children and their families…thank you!

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