Herd arrives in Haiti

Back in January, we spoke of “sending a herd” of goats to Haiti thanks to our Kids for Haiti fund-raiser. I am pleased to let you know the herd has begun to arrive. Below are photos of some of the goats as they arrived. The goats were distributed among some of the agricultural associations within the COBOCOL Area Development Program.

001_crop (Small)These goats went to Association KADEP.

002_crop (Small)Association ADPPGL received these goats.

003_crop (Small)Families in Association AKBB received these goats.

006_crop (Small)These goats were distributed to a young children association.

007_crop (Small)Children of all ages welcomed these new additions to their community.

008_crop (Small)Association ADFK received these goats.

005_crop (Small)Funds were also raised to support the COBOCOL tree nursery.

On behalf of everyone in the COBOCOL Area development program, I wish to extend a huge, sincere THANK YOU for all of the generous donations from the people of Fredericton. Your contributions to COBOCOL will make a meaningful and lasting contribution to this community.

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