Hope for Haiti event – a chance to connect with Haiti

What a great evening! About 60 people attended the Hope for Haiti event. The evening began with inspiring  introductory comments from Brian MacDonald, MLA for Fredericton-Silverwood.

MLA Brian MacDonald

He was followed by mayor Brad Woodside. Mayor Woodside has been a great supporter of FreddyLink, and he would have joined us on our first trip to Haiti had his trip not been cancelled at the last minute by the Jan 12, 2010 earthquake.

Mayor Brad Woodside

Everyone enjoyed some great Haitian food and fair trade Haitian coffee. Bernie Zebarth and Heidi Billington described their recent visit to the Cobocol Area Development Project in Haiti. The highlight of the evening was a skype link to Haiti. We heard from Morose Evenel, Senior Project Coordinator for World Vision Haiti. We also got to hear some of the children from Cobocol sing a song. The skype link really gave people a sense of connection with Haiti. And that is what FreddyLink is all about, connecting Fredericton to Haiti.

Morose Evenel, World Vision Haiti

It was a very successful event! Another six children were sponsored.  Everyone at the event was touched by this connection with the people of Cobocol in Haiti. I left the event energized and enthusiastic, and looking forward to more great things to come in the future for FreddyLink.

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