Lighthouse at the Playhouse

Lighthouse came to the Fredericton Playhouse last Friday, for their first performance in Fredericton since 1974. And what a performance it was! For those of us who grew up to the sounds of Lighthouse (Sunny, sunny, sunny days…), it was an amazing trip down memory lane. It was an evening of great music by some veteran musicians.

I had a chance to talk with drummer Skip Prokop before the show. Little did I know of the great support Lighthouse has given World Vision over decades. Skip has a real heart for children. Now, not only do I have tremendous respect for the music of Lighthouse, I now also have great respect for their dedication to helping children in need.

FreddyLink volunteers Chaundra Vahi, Pat Cooper and Bernie Zebarth sharing a moment with Skip Prokop after the show.

Six more children in Haiti were sponsored during the performance. That brings the total number of children sponsored by FreddyLink to over 90. Way to go Fredericton!!

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