March 1 – Return to Montreal

As we arrived in Port-au-Prince, I joked that it will be nice not to be woken up by my rooster or by the goats. Be careful for what you wish for! Instead, I was woken at about 4:15 AM by a small tremor. It caused the building to sway but did not cause any damage. By the time I really woke up to what was happening, it was all over.

We spent a leisurely breakfast, going over the past week. What had we learned? What are our next steps? So much had happened, it was nice to have some relaxing time together to decompress and share our thoughts and feelings. We hoped to see Bill Clinton again this morning, but no luck.

We arranged to stop on the way to the airport on a street had had many paniting for sale.They were beautiful, with vibrant colours and relatively inexpensive. We each bought at least one painting.

Then off to the airport. We did some last minute gift shopping there. Then we were off – homeward bound. It was a bit of a shock to return to the winter weather in Montreal after a week of 30 C weather!

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