Mom to mom

What happens when a bunch of moms from Canada get together with a bunch of moms from Haiti? Well, I confess I do not have the words to adequately capture this, but let me do my best to try.

From the moment the moms from our FreddyLink team walked into the same room as moms from Haiti, there was an instantaneous connection. Yes, words were spoken. There were words of welcome and words of thanks. There was an exchange of gifts. But this was only the communication on the surface. The real communication occurred at a more basic level. There was an outpouring of love, of understanding, of connection. There was a deep underlying joy that expressed who these moms are at their most basic level. All the differences in language, culture and economic situation did not change this in the slightest, and if anything deepened the connection. There is nothing like the passing of beloved infants from mom to mom to solidify and deepen these connections.

I will forever treasure the privilege of being in the same room when moms met moms.

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The FreddyLink team moms and youth visit with the Woman’s Association in the COBOCOL Area Development Program in Haiti.


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