Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal received last night

It was an exciting evening! Accompanied by my lovely wife Donna, I attended a recognition dinner at the World Vision headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. I was one of 18 people who was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

It was quite emotional. I was a bit in awe of the audience, who included the World Vision Canada managers and board members. As Dan Fortin, Chairman of the World Vision Canada Board of Directors, summarized the accomplishments of each individual receiving the medal, I was struck by what great works some of my fellow Canadians have performed. I was also very honoured to be included with such accomplished individuals. It is an evening I will always remember, and I was so very glad Donna was there beside me during this event.

Bernie Zebarth (center) is awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by Dave Toycen (left) President of World Vision Canada and her worship Hazel McCallion (right) Mayor of Mississauga.

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