We return to Haiti…tomorrow!!

Finally, tomorrow, we return to Haiti. It has been a long wait.

I was remembering how I felt before our last trip to Haiti, more than one year ago. I remember the excitement and anticipation. We were heading down for the first time to visit Cobocol, the community in the central plateau of Haiti that we are partnering with. This was before FreddyLink existed. None really had a clear idea as to what we would see and experience. We only hoped that it would would be a life-changing experience.

As you may know, it was certainly a life-changing experience, but not what we anticipated. We arrived just hours before the earthquake. We never did get to see Cobocol. Instead, we saw how, in a just few seconds, an entire city can be destroyed by an earthquake. It was a harrowing experience, one that left its mark on each of us. It made me realize just how valuable and fragile life really is.

We wanted badly to go back, to make the visit to Cobocol, to complete our journey. It has taken over a year for the opportunity to return. We have been busy in that time. FreddyLink was born. We met and exceeded our initial goal to have 50 children sponsored. Despite this progress, I feel the need to go back and see Cobocol first-hand.

Finally, the time has come. Hard to believe I go tomorrow. I am excited. At last I will get to Cobocol, meet the people, see the programs, meet our sponsored children. We will also explore opportunities for more fund-raising. At the same time, I wonder how I will respond emotionally. It is one thing to hear about poverty and hunger or to see it on TV, safe and secure in the comfort of my home. It will be something else to see it face-to-face. Once again, I hope for a life-changing experience. One that will make me a stronger and a better person, that will focus my thoughts and attention on what is important.

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