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I received a message from World Vision yesterday saying that the COBOCOL Area Development Program will soon become self-sufficient, and that I can send a farewell email to the children I sponsor there.

I will miss Obenky and Luckenson. I have sponsored them for many years, and have looked forward to their photos and annual updates. I am proud of the progress they have made, and I celebrate with them their transition to self sufficiency.

So what is next? If you sponsor a child in COBOCOL. you will soon receive a notice from World Vision celebrating the move of this community to self-sufficiency, and offering you another child to sponsor.

You should be offered a new child to sponsor in Haiti. If you are offered a child to sponsor somewhere else, may I suggest you call World Vision and  ask to sponsor a child in Haiti. By doing so, you will maintain our connection between Fredericton and Haiti.

As much as I will miss Obenky and Luckenson, I look forward to “meeting” my new sponsored children.

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