Update from Nathan Stewart in Jacmel, Haiti

Nathan Stewart of Chipman is a man with a real heart for Haiti. It all began with the Haiti earthquake. God did something very powerful in Nathan and he became a totally changed person. He felt such a burden and a desire to help the people of Haiti.

Nathan made arrangements with Gerry O’Leary of Fredericton to travel to Haiti with a shipment of containers. The plan was to build housing for the Haitians and perhaps also build an orphanage. Unfortunately while preparing for this trip, Nathan had a very serious accident with his left thumb, cutting tendons and nerves, and had to have surgery and then physiotherapy.

Although frustrated by these delays, a new opportunity arose. Nathan met with Pastor Placide from Jacmel, Haiti who was visiting the Christian Life Center in Chipman. Pastor Placide invited Nathan to return to Haiti with him. Pastor Placide has many orphanages in his care, as well as schools and churches, with several other pastors under his leadership. So with six days notice, Nathan left with Pastor Placide on Thursday, August 19, armed with a suitcase of personal items, another suitcase full of candy, books and toys for the children in the orphanage where he is staying, and a large container of tools. While Nathan is at the orphanage he is going to be building cabinets. He is open to staying as long as possible.

We are pleased to post excerpts of updates from Nathan while he is in Jacmel.

August 20, 2010:

Greetings from Jacmel, Haiti,

I arrived in Port Au Prince yesterday at 6:00 PM, and we drove to Jacmel arriving at 11:00 PM. Having had only one hour of sleep in 40 hours and very little to eat, I was exhausted, and went straight to bed. I was feeling a bit car sick from sitting in the back seat and the roads were very rough and twisting through the mountains. We have to travel back to Port-Au-Prince to pick up my tools, we were too late to pick them up. I had a wonderful flight and Pastor Placide is very kind.

I am staying at the orphanage and the children are all so beautiful, they have my heart already. I passed out suckers this morning, they were just so happy to receive one, very touching. As well, those kids can pray and sing, you should hear them. Awesome!! There is much more I would like to say but time will not allow it, so know that all is well, and I miss you all so much.

Oh……………….Yes it’s REALLY HOT!!!!!! LOL

Love to be able to speak French as it would help greatly.

There is much to do, and I’m looking forward to helping. The sights I have seen so far would shock anyone to the core, totally different from what you see on TV, you have to experience it to know the monumental task it is going to be to rebuild Haiti, but I believe it will happen, they belong to God too, and he wants the best for them as well. Please keep me and the Haitians in your prayers.

Love to all, I miss you already. But I know that I am supposed to be here for such a time as this. Love you Felicity, I think of you often, every time I see a girl your age, it brings a memory and a tear. These kids work very hard, carrying water, etc, I have much to share and am attempting a journal.

Love Nathan

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