WASH Program

The Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) program is a critical component of improving child health in Haiti. Without good health, children cannot grow and learn properly. This is particularly important in Haiti where cholera remains an on-going concern.

We visited the CAITE school in the UDICC Area Development Program of Haiti. We learned how this school was constructed thanks to a generous donation from a Canadian family, and support from World Vision. This allowed the school to be transformed from a simple shelter made from wooden poles and a sheet metal roof, to a well constructed concrete building.

A new initiative is taking place at this school under the WASH program. A new facility was constructed which allows children to properly wash with soap and water to reduce the risk of disease. While this is excellent in teaching the children, it is also an effective way of having the children transfer this important information to the rest of their families, and as a result a large proportion of the local community.

While we may take washing our hands for granted here in Canada, it is important to recognize how critical this simple practice is to protecting the health of Haitian youth.

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