We are different – we are the same

The FreddyLink team spent the day with children from Haiti. We played games, did crafts, sang songs, and even played some soccer. It was amazing how easily we were able to connect with these children across the barriers of culture and language.

We are so different…

These children we met today, they have so little. They live in simple homes, without all of the amenities that we so much take for granted such as electricity and running water. Their daily struggles are more basic than ours – food, water, shelter. They live in a culture very different than ours with a different language, a different history, and different social norms. My life is Canada is much different. I have abundant food, water and shelter. I have many possessions. My day-to-day life is fundamentally different. There is so much that separates us.

We are the same…

Despite all these differences, we are the same. We are all children, parents, family. We are connected to communities. We love music, we love to play, we love to be together. We all came together today with open hearts and minds, accepting our differences, and easily bridging the gaps that separate us because, really, we are all the same.

cup game 2_cropThe FreddyLink team and children from Haiti share in a game.



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