Welcome to Morne Pelee

FreddyLink is a partnership between the community of Fredericton and communities in Haiti. Until now, we have been partnered with the COBOCOL and UDICC Area Development Programs (ADPs)  where World Vision Canada is using a long term community development approach to overcome poverty. Both these ADPs are located in the central plateau region (See map below: COBOCOL is #1, UDICC is #3)

We are now welcoming a new ADP into the FreddyLink family. The Morne Pelee ADP is located close to Cap-Haitien, which is on the north coast of Haiti (#4 on map below). This newly initiated ADP is located in a rural agricultural area, similar to COBOCOL and UDICC.

HTI_ADP_MAPLocation of World Vision Canada Area Development Programs (ADPs) in Haiti

We now have some children in Morne Pelee which are available to be sponsored. Here is your opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” and sponsor a child in this newly initiated ADP. Just think, you could participate in the progress of your sponsored child, and this whole ADP, from start to finish!

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