When poverty has a face

It happens frequently. Another natural disaster occurs somewhere in the world, lives are lost, and people lose their homes. Food and water become scarce. I hear the statistics,  I empathize with the suffering, but it often seems so far away from the world I live in that I find it difficult to really connect with those who are affected. At times I become numb from all the tragic circumstances.

I had the privilege to travel to Haiti and meet my sponsored child and his mother. Once I met him, I wanted to know everything about him. How many brothers and sister does he have? Is he healthy? Does he have enough food? Does he have access to water? Does he go to school? I wonder about his present situation, but also his future – what will life bring for him and his family? Once I met him, he was no longer a statistic. Now, poverty has a face and a name, and that changes everything.

What if everyone in Fredericton knew someone in Haiti personally? What would that do for Haiti? And what might that do for Fredericton?

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