When traveling, details matter

One member of the FreddyLink team for this trip to Haiti is relatively new to traveling. He has had quite an adventure even before the trip really starts, and he is learning just how important the details can be when traveling.

Only a few days before the trip, he was photocopying his passport to have a copy on hand in case it was lost. As he was copying it, someone noticed his passport had expired! Fortunately he was able to arrange a special off-hours visit to the passport office two days before the trip, and now has a brand new passport. Crisis averted. Whew!

He then set an alarm on his phone for this morning so he could be up early for the flight to Haiti. One important detail about phone alarms, is that one needs to set not only the time, but also the date! His alarm did not go off, and the result was that he missed the flight. We were all so downcast, how can he not be on this trip?

But, there is a happy ending to this story. After boarding the airplane, we found out the airplane had mechanical problems and the flight was cancelled. We were originally rebooked to a flight…a week later! Fortunately, a diligent and creative airline agent found a different route and has us rebooked to fly out tomorrow instead.

This time, I think we will ALL be focused on the details and be there on time!

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