Why do the Fredericton Global 6k for Water – Heidi Billington

Clean water is the difference between life and death. Never, have I understood this reality like I did in the spring of 2015 when I took my daughter Zoe with me on a trip to Haiti. Just 8 years old, we can only imagine that she ran her fingers through some contaminated water early into our trip. Within a couple of days, she was violently ill, and we didn’t have the medication necessary to help her. If it weren’t for our translator, who was also a doctor and able to make necessary connections at the market, my friend on the trip who was an LPN and able to care for her, and my access to financial resources at whatever the cost, our scary story of illness may have ended differently. As I held my very sick and weak daughter in my arms those days, I was so aware of our privilege.

I’ve had the privilege of celebrating with our Haitian friends and children as new latrines and access to clean water has been made available through generous donations to World Vision. I’ve listened to mothers share the difference access to clean water has made in every facet of their day to day living, their children’s health, education and future.

Will you join me in raising funds for clean water in Haiti? www.worldvision6k.ca/Fredericton

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