Why do the Fredericton Global 6k for Water – Matt Hogan

As I start to write this I wonder, how many times have I turned on my water today? I don’t even know, probably ten times? I’ve washed my hands, brushed my teeth, done dishes, did a load of laundry, poured myself a glass of water, had a shower, and flushed the toilet. Definitely more than ten now that I think about it…

And that’s a pretty typical day. Well, here in Canada that is. Having clean water at the turn of a tap is something I take for granted every day and unfortunately will continue to take for granted unless I find myself having to walk 6 km (the average walk someone in a developing country has to go to get water) to get water, and that’s just what I can carry.

We can gain perspective and respect for those who have to do that walk daily, but we will never really know that struggle. Imagine making that walk every day and still not knowing if your water was clean and free from disease? Though we may never truly understand, I believe it is important that we always try to.

It is paramount that we teach our children this. The Fredericton Global 6k for Water is a chance to do just that, and even better, it is a chance to reach out personally and help those who face that struggle daily.

Please join us on Saturday May 29. You can register to participate, or make a donation, at www.worldvision6k.ca/Fredericton.

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