Your gifts at work: Advances in education in Cobocol

The following is taken from the 2011 Annual report from Cobocol:

With your help, we are providing the people of COBOCOL with quality education for their children. Your gift of education offers hope and helps build a better future by preparing the next generation with the skills they need to escape poverty and become leaders of a more prosperous community.

Your gifts are supporting 3,580 children who are involved in an integrated education program that provides students with academic instruction as well as life-skills and leadership training that empowers them to make healthy life choices. One of the most evident results of the program this year is that the success rate of students in school has increased. This past year almost 80% of the sponsored children and youth in the community have passed their school exams. One of the students you have helped is Chlenive Aneas, who recently became the first sponsored child to complete secondary studies and enter university, where she is studying medicine.

Thank you for helping World Vision to achieve this encouraging result. In addition, your gift has helped to:

  • Rehabilitate the school in Cayahonde where more than 100 students now have a more conducive environment for learning. You have also helped to provide desks for students at 10 other schools in the community.
  • Stock primary classrooms with educational supplies that include 2,000 text books, pencils, pens, chalk, maps and geometry materials to create better learning opportunities for each primary student. The schools have instituted a loan system for the textbooks that ensures that future students are able to make use of the various textbooks.
  • Train 50 teachers and school administrators in child rights and teaching methodologies that enable them to improve student learning in the classroom. Teachers learned how to design their programs of study and received resource materials to aid their lesson planning. Children are benefitting from the increased skill and confidence of the teachers after the training.
  • Support a music program for 102 young people who are learning to play several musical instruments and participate in band performances where they are developing responsibility and greater confidence in their abilities to contribute in the community.
  • Help establish four community clubs where children are learning about child rights and developing life and leadership skills through a program that includes dance, theater, painting, music and other cultural activities that children enjoy. The club program also teaches children about environmental issues and involves them in community activities, such as tree planting, that help to improve and protect the health of their environment. In the past year, 240 children joined the clubs and 30 children were trained as leaders of their peers.
  • Establish a community recreation centre where children can engage in safe and healthy physical activities. In the past year, 250 young people have completed a sports and fitness program conducted at the recreation centre.
  • Support a school feeding program at 12 schools that have provided nutritious food to 3,104 students, whose school performance has increased noticeably.
  • ¬†Support three vocational training centres that provide 114 young people and adults with skills to enter the local job market. The vocational training program has provided new opportunities for adolescent students, who previously dropped out of school. This past year 30 vocational program graduates started their own carpentry shop that produces furniture that is being used in local schools.
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