Your gifts in action: Shalene’s story

The 2011 Annual Report from Cobocol is now in. Please check under the tab “Info from FreddyLink”, and click on “Cobocol ADP Updates” and you can find the entire report.

The report gives example of individuals helped by your generous gifts. Here is Shalene’s story:

Shalene, 16, heard about World Vision’s sewing workshop at her school, and since joining hasn’t missed a single day of work. “I am very interested in sewing because if something happens and my parents can’t support me I can earn an income. I’ve been coming since November,” she says. “I’ve learned to make skirts, and tops. Right now they’re just for myself because I’m not good enough to sell them yet.”

Studying in Grade Eight, Shalene loves learning English. She hopes one day that will help her go to university in Canada or the United States. “Based on what my dreams are I think I’ll need to leave to continue my studies but then I’ll be back,” she says.
Shalene would like to help other children have the opportunities that she is only beginning to realize. “My dream is that kids don’t have to struggle like I do, to go to school, for example, because it is not easy for me,” she explains. “I would like Haiti to have paved roads, nice schools, opportunities for children to go to school. If it is God’s will, it will be possible.”

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