February 2011

Feb 27 Last day in Hinche

It was Sunday today, and we had a more relaxing day. It was nice to take a break after several very busy and emotionally intense

Feb 25 – Travel to UDICC ADP

I was woken up this morning by a keen rooster, one that decided not to wait for dawn to start to crow. After another great

Feb. 24 – Travel to LBM ADP

There is no air conditioning in this hotel, so I slept with the screened windows open to keep cool. I was entertained by the night

Feb. 23 (part 1) – Travel to Hinche

We were up early again, to catch our ride to the airport. Traffic is crazy through the winding streets. We see all the children walking

Feb. 22 – Arrive in Port-au-Prince

We made it at last after waiting more than a year.On the flight we met a team of 24 people from churches in New Brunswick

On our way to Haiti

It was an early morning this morning – up at 3:30 AM, picked up at 4:15 AM, flight at 5:30 AM. We were very happy

We return to Haiti…tomorrow!!

Finally, tomorrow, we return to Haiti. It has been a long wait. I was remembering how I felt before our last trip to Haiti, more