Merry Christmas!!

From all of us at FreddyLink, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful blessed Christmas and a great 2022. (Photo source: https://worldwidevillage.org/christmas-in-haiti/)  

Planting the seeds of change

World Vision Canada works alongside local leaders to plant the seeds of change in many countries around the world. Thanks to the support of Canadian

Christmas Traditions in Haiti

Christmas is such a special time in Haiti! In rural areas, families cut pine trees from the mountains and decorate them with bright ornaments. In

A parting gift

When I received the great news that my sponsored child’s community is ready to fly, I found out I could send a special gift to

Time to say goodbye … and hello

I received the great news in an email, my sponsored child’s community is ready to fly! We started sponsoring Franck in 2014 when he was

Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti was hit by a massive 7.2 earthquake on Saturday. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this catastrophic earthquake with reports

Introducing the new FreddyLink logo

The FreddyLink logo was updated to celebrate the progress we have made over the past decade. The upward reaching figures in the new logo symbolize