We Did It!!

Several years ago, we set out to raise $100,000 to support projects related to water. And, we did it! We raised a total of $101,645!!

Security crisis in Haiti

The news coming from Haiti is grim. Civil unrest and gang violence have resulted in what the United Nations refers to as “catastrophic” hunger in

COBOCOL – A Success Story

COBOCOL was the first community that partnered with Fredericton through FreddyLink. In 2020, COBOCOL transitioned from being sponsored through World Vision and FreddyLink to self-sufficiency.

Global 6k BBQ – Saturday May 28

Food, fun and prizes! That is what will be at the Fredericton Global 6k for Water on Saturday May 28. It all starts at 11:30

Join us for a Taste of Summer!

There is nothing quite like a summer BBQ!! Please join us for a tasty BBQ starting at 11:30 AM on Saturday May 28 as part

Morne Pelee – Economic Needs

The economy of Morne Pelee is mainly based on agriculture through the production of sugar cane and food crops including yams, bananas and cassava. Production

Morne Pelee – Education Needs

Education is critical to the success of any community. However, education is a major challenge in Morne Pelee, our partner community in Haiti. Despite laws

2021 was a Great Year for FreddyLink

2021 was a great year for FreddyLink. We raised over $48,000, including over $33,000 from the Fredericton Global 6k for Water. We have now raised