Haiti Trip

Creating something to look back on

My wife and I had often asked ourselves this question: “At the end, when we reflect back upon our lives, what do we want to

Mom to mom

What happens when a bunch of moms from Canada get together with a bunch of moms from Haiti? Well, I confess I do not have

We are different – we are the same

The FreddyLink team spent the day with children from Haiti. We played games, did crafts, sang songs, and even played some soccer. It was amazing

Why the WASH program is critical

It was our great pleasure today to speak with John Hesse, National Director of World Vision Haiti. John has been National Director for about one

Our return to Haiti

It is great to be back in Haiti again. It is so different from Canada. The thing that struck me most today was just how

A study in contrasts

Our world is full of contrasts. Take the weather for example. I left home this morning with -15C temperatures, having to shovel some snow that

We are home

We made it safely from Port-au-Prince to Miami to Toronto, but our flight home to Fredericton was cancelled and we flew home the next morning.

Day 6 – Sunday in Haiti

We started by attending Sunday morning service in the Cobocol area development project. It was wonderful. There was a choir, a youth choir, a men’s