Haiti Trip

March 2 – I am home !!

It was an early morning. We were up at 5:30. We flew to Halifax then to Fredericton. It was so good to be home, reunited

March 1 – A personal reflection

I was broken in Haiti. A little over a year ago, I was part of a team that arrived in Port-au-Prince a mere three hours

March 1 – Return to Montreal

As we arrived in Port-au-Prince, I joked that it will be nice not to be woken up by my rooster or by the goats. Be

Feb. 28 – A personal reflection

Before we came to visit Cobocol and the other ADPs in the central plateau, I really knew very little about Haiti or its people. I

Feb 28 Return to Port-au-Prince

Woke early this morning to our rooster (We seem to have developed a relationship by now so I think of him as my rooster). However,

Feb 27 Last day in Hinche

It was Sunday today, and we had a more relaxing day. It was nice to take a break after several very busy and emotionally intense

Feb 25 – Travel to UDICC ADP

I was woken up this morning by a keen rooster, one that decided not to wait for dawn to start to crow. After another great