Haiti Trip

Feb. 24 – Travel to LBM ADP

There is no air conditioning in this hotel, so I slept with the screened windows open to keep cool. I was entertained by the night

Feb. 23 (part 1) – Travel to Hinche

We were up early again, to catch our ride to the airport. Traffic is crazy through the winding streets. We see all the children walking

Feb. 22 – Arrive in Port-au-Prince

We made it at last after waiting more than a year.On the flight we met a team of 24 people from churches in New Brunswick

On our way to Haiti

It was an early morning this morning – up at 3:30 AM, picked up at 4:15 AM, flight at 5:30 AM. We were very happy

We return to Haiti…tomorrow!!

Finally, tomorrow, we return to Haiti. It has been a long wait. I was remembering how I felt before our last trip to Haiti, more

Our team returns to Haiti

Our team returns to Haiti on Tuesday, Feb. 22. Check out the details in our press release. Go to the tab “Info from FreddyLink”, click

Our flights are booked !

Our flights are now booked, and our team will be returning to Haiti on Tuesday, February 22. We have been busy booking travel arrangements, getting