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Morne Pelee – Economic Needs

The economy of Morne Pelee is mainly based on agriculture through the production of sugar cane and food crops including yams, bananas and cassava. Production

Morne Pelee – Education Needs

Education is critical to the success of any community. However, education is a major challenge in Morne Pelee, our partner community in Haiti. Despite laws

2021 was a Great Year for FreddyLink

2021 was a great year for FreddyLink. We raised over $48,000, including over $33,000 from the Fredericton Global 6k for Water. We have now raised

Morne Pelee – Health Care Needs

The goal of FreddyLink is to have the community of Fredericton come along side the community of Morne Pelee in Haiti to help them move

Webpage construction is complete!

Our new webpage for donations for water projects is now live! We welcome you to use this webpage to make a difference for children and

We are under construction!!

Please note our website is under construction, and we cannot receive donations for water projects at this time. We hope to have this corrected soon

Merry Christmas!!

From all of us at FreddyLink, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful blessed Christmas and a great 2022. (Photo source:  

Christmas Traditions in Haiti

Christmas is such a special time in Haiti! In rural areas, families cut pine trees from the mountains and decorate them with bright ornaments. In