Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti was hit by a massive 7.2 earthquake on Saturday. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this catastrophic earthquake with reports of close to 1,300 deaths, 5,700 injured and over 30,000 families now homeless (source).

Many people sponsor children in Haiti through FreddyLink and World Vision. These sponsored children are in communities in central and northern Haiti, which are far away from the location of the earthquake which was to the south and west of Port-au-Prince. We are not aware of any direct damage to these communities.

It will likely take some time for the damage from the earthquake to be fully assessed and for disaster response efforts to get fully underway. Please join us as we wait for news as to how we can help the people of Haiti respond to this tragic event.

Locals recover their belongings Sunday from their homes destroyed in the earthquake in Camp-Perrin in Les Cayes, Haiti (source)
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