Get to know your ADPs: La Belle Mere

La Belle Mere is another Area Development Program or ADP in the central plateau region of Haiti. While FreddyLink is not partnered with La Belle Mere because this ADP does not provide translation, the FreddyLink team was able to visit on two occasions.

On our first visit, La Belle Mere had only recently started, and we were able to see an ADP in its early stages. We met with community leaders, and were inspired by their vision for a better future. Despite the many challenges they face on a daily basis, they were filled with hope and committed to the hard work that lay ahead of them.

On our second visit to La Belle Mere, we visited many families that had received a goat. Time after time we heard first hand accounts of how the goat they received was a huge blessing for their family, and in many cases was providing the resources needed for the sponsored children to receive an education and build a more brighter future.

We hope we can one day visit this community again, and see how their hard work has transformed their community.

On our first visit to La Belle Mere, we were surrounded by beautiful and curious school children.

On our second visit to La Belle Mere, we were able to visit families that had received a goat. This young man explained how this goat may help support his future education.

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