How it Works

How FreddyLink Works

FreddyLink is a program which links caring individuals in the community of Fredericton with children and families in need in communities in the COBOCOL, UDICC and Morne Pelee Area Development Programs in Haiti through World Vision. This linkage allows a closer connection and greater communication between the two communities, for the benefit of both.

FreddyLink allows child sponsors to better see how their dollars are helping to transform a community in need:

  • Individuals from Fredericton will visit the community in Haiti every year or two when it is safe to do so and see first-hand how the community is progressing.
  • These visits to Haiti will be followed by special events, where the people of Fredericton can hear first-hand accounts of what is going on in Haiti, and see pictures and videos of the progress being made in these communities.
  • Frequent updates and information on progress in the Haitian community are made available through this website and on our Facebook page.
  • Child sponsors can also communicate directly with sponsored children on a regular basis.
  • Individuals from Haiti may visit Fredericton as well.

FreddyLink will not only help transform the communities in Haiti, but also enrich the lives of the people of Fredericton. Through special events, regular updates and on-going communications, FreddyLink will help the people of Fredericton share their child sponsorship experiences, and celebrate their contribution to community development in Haiti.

Participants at the FreddyLink Hope for Haiti event.