Why do the Fredericton Global 6k for Water – Zoe Billington

I just wanted to remind you of the walk for water we are doing to support our friends in Haiti. As we know, the water in Haiti is unhealthy, shouldn’t be drank and can carry harmful sickness. I actually had an encounter with the potential dangers of the water when I went to Haiti at the age of 7. Due to unintentionally swallowing some of the water there, I was very sick for a very large part of our trip. I was blessed to have the money required for my medication, but most families and children don’t have access to those medications and supplies.

Our friends in Haiti need help. So I will be walking 6k, the average distance a person in Haiti has to walk for water. So we can help them to have healthier and more accessible drinking water.

To participate in the Fredericton Global 6k for Water, or to make a donation, please go to www.worldvision6k.ca/Fredericton

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