Day 2 – Travel to Hinche

After lunch, we made our way to Hinche in the central plateau which will be our base for most most of the trip. It was nice to get out of the city and to see the countryside.

We were joined by Ingrid who will be our translator for the trip. We were pleasantly surprised to find out Ingrid is a medical doctor who just completed her degree, and is going on to do two more years to specialize in infection diseases. Ingrid was very patient with us and responded to our many questions about Haiti, particularly related to health.

HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest concerns, and Haiti has among the highest incidence of any country in the Caribbean. Ingrid described the major efforts being undertaken to address this issue. There is now easily accessible screening and medications, and a major focus on education. Another major issue is malaria. With the increased focus on primary health care, it is good to see progress being made in addressing these issues.

Ingrid (left) and Bernie Zebarth (right)


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