Stay connected with Haiti

I received a message from World Vision yesterday saying that the COBOCOL Area Development Program will soon become self-sufficient, and that I can send a

Get to know your ADPs: Morne Pelee

Morne Pelee is the newest Area Development Program, or ADP, in Haiti. It is located in the north of Haiti near Cap Haitian. The community

Get to know your ADPs: La Belle Mere

La Belle Mere is another Area Development Program or ADP in the central plateau region of Haiti. While FreddyLink is not partnered with La Belle

Security crisis in Haiti

The following is an update from World Vision Haiti: Haiti has been in a state of civil unrest since July 2018. Protests continue to erupt

Get to know your ADPs: UDICC

UDICC is the second area Development Program, or ADP, that FreddyLink partnered with. Like COBOCOL, UDICC is a mostly rural community in the central plateau

Get to know your ADPs: COBOCOL

The COBOCOL Area Development Program, or ADP, will always have a special place in my heart. COBOCOL was the community we first partnered with Fredericton

The joy of watching children grow

One of the real blessings of being a child sponsor, is to see your sponsored child grow and mature. Take our sponsored child, Obenky, as